3 Easy Ways to Update Your Personal Brand During Storm Jonas


As the storm of the century inches closer and closer, grocery lines grow longer and snow shovel sales continually increase. Some are channeling their inner caveman, staying put in the safety of their home for the next few days, while others are scrambling to get home after their flight was cancelled or delayed.

I would never wish a snow-in on anyone, but, since it seems inevitable for millions, why not hunker down and make this weekend productive? With the day-to-day hustle of work, we often tend to neglect our personal brand. When we already have a job and it sometimes no longer is a top priority to keep blogs, websites and social media up-to-date—much unlike this time last year, when I was ready to start my last semester of college and in full job-search mode.

This weekend, while you're trapped indoors with nothing but your laptop (that you should fully charge in advance, by the way), take a break from Netflix and follow these simple steps to update your personal brand.

1. Revisit Your Blog

Remember that blog you started in college? It's time for a new post. Update your "About Me" page, upload your most recent resume and make sure your last post was written in 2016. By the way, no one said a blog has to be reflective of your profession! Write about your passion, your hobbies or just write to write. What's important is that you are staying relevant.

2. Give Your LinkedIn Some Love

If your LinkedIn still says you work on your college campus as an intern, cashier, tour guide, etc., I'd say it's time for an update. Keeping up with LinkedIn account can be a daunting task, but, once it's done, you're good to go—that is, until you next job, accomplishment, promotion… Swap out your headshot for a picture that was taken within the last few years, upload your resume and update your most recent job title. These are a few quick and easy ways to stay up-to-speed professionally!

3. Catch Up With Old (Work) Friends

If there is one thing that I have learned to be true after starting a career, it is that building positive relationships are crucial to success. It's likely that other professionals in your area or at your skill level are facing the same snow barricade that you are, making it the perfect time to reconnect with them. Reach out to old colleagues, classmates and peers to set up a coffee date, or pinpoint certain individuals you haven't yet crossed paths with but with whom you'd like to get to know. There's never a bad time to keep building your network!