Inspired By Emojis


With World Emoji Day right around the corner on July 17, Inspire PR decided to get in on the fun and assign our favorite emojis to each member of our team. What do you think? Did we get it right?!

Hinda Mitchell - As queen of the Inspire castle, our fearless leader always is the beacon that lights the way.

Diane Hurd - A natural nurturer, Diane is the office mom and is always there to lift people up with a listening ear, sound advice or even a cheer – literally!

Hana Bieliauskas - Always on the run, Hana is an avid outdoor adventurist and loves to be active. It’s no wonder the hills of the Greenville, NC called to her.

Amanda Ensinger - Our little reporter and super sleuth! Amanda is always on the lookout for newsworthy stories she can share with media outlets.

Michelle Leitzy - One of the newest members of the Inspire team, Michelle is always thinking strategically to ensure we are doing our best thinking for our clients.

Katie Sabatino - As a former broadcast journalist, Katie loves to put her filming, editing and storytelling skills to good use for clients. She can often be found heading out on a video shoot with her trusty iPhone.

Molly Linehan - Our Boston socialite, Molly is always up to grab a drink with friends. She also knows a thing or two about great wine and cocktails from our friends at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants.

Logan Trautman - Always ready with a clever comment, Logan is our quick-witted resident. She is sharp, hilarious and can always be counted on to lovingly tease her fellow associates.

Jamie Roberty - She straight up loves cats. Beyond her outstanding graphic design work, Jamie has been known to spearhead some of Inspire’s animal rescue adventures. Yes, there have been a few over the years!

Brooke Hollowell - A passionate member of the Inspire team, Brooke can always be counted on for a funny rant or outspoken opinion – all in good fun of course!

Shelby Bradford - A country girl through and through, Shelby has a farm background and she can often be found in a corn field or horse barn taking pictures. Her agriculture knowledge has been a great help to many Inspire clients.

Lea Mattern - Our office administrator is a smiling face always ready to welcome our Inspire guests. We love Lea’s cheer and support as she helps our office function daily.

Now it is your turn.  Comment on Facebook and tell us what emoji best represents you!