An Open Letter to Clients: Our Resolutions for a New Decade


It’s a new decade. A fresh start. A time to reset the clock to zero and start accumulating new and amazing experiences. And for our team, your partners in business, strategy, communications and growth, it’s a time for us to reaffirm our commitment to you – and to ourselves and Inspire. Our resolutions look like this:

  1. We’ll stand by your side, and get in the trenches, when necessary. We don’t aspire to just be do-ers; we want to be partners. We know that means being there in good times and in tough times, and we’ll show up and stay ‘til the work is done.
  2. We’ll create and innovate. We know that you expect more from us, and we’ll deliver, with fun creative concepts, innovative “big” ideas and new approaches that help your brand and business grow.
  3. We’ll do good and give back in our community. In 2019, we launched our #InspiringGood grant program and announced our first recipient, Garrett Recovery Housing. We gave generously of our talents, our time, and our funds to those making a difference in central Ohio and beyond. We’ll maintain that effort in the new decade.
  4. We will grow our team and attract new talent. Being a good agency also means being a good employer. Our benefits for our team are among the best in our industry, and we know that matters to prospective candidates. Building and maintaining a strong team means we can continue to assure great work to our clients.
  5. We’ll exceed your expectations, and we’ll do it on time and on budget. Our job is to provide outstanding PR and communications to you, but we also know that making sure we are responsive and financially responsible is of equal importance.
  6. We’ll remain curious. We love learning about new industry sectors, new opportunities and challenges. Our curiosity and drive to understand means we’ll ask the right questions to tailor the right approaches to problem-solving.
  7. We’ll say “why” if needed. We know sometimes “yes” is not the right answer. Ask us to do something, and if we think there’s a better way, or if we don’t quite understand, we may ask “why” you want to do it and “what” you hope to achieve. That ensures the right kind of results – and that matters.
  8. We’ll be respectfully candid. Much like asking “why,” we recognize that in a good agency-client relationship, candor goes both ways. We’ll temper what we say, and we’ll always be respectful, but we appreciate the opportunity to give a gentle push or ask the tough questions of our client-partners when necessary.
  9. We’ll take care of each other. We are your team, and to be 100 percent, we must care for each other, foster camaraderie and maintain a positive work culture. That means celebrating each other, focusing on flexibility and work-life balance, making time for fun (and perhaps even riding a mechanical bull!), and prioritizing the well-being of our team.
  10. We’ll work to deserve your trust and confidence. Above all, we know that you rely on our team to be there when you need us, to help solve your business challenges and to do the highest-quality work. We know trust and confidence are earned, not assumed, and when you give it to us, it is an honor.

Ultimately, we’ll do what it takes to be your confidant, your partner, your cheerleader, your colleague and your counselor. That’s our job, and it’s one we never take for granted. Life is what you make of it, and we take responsibility for helping you make the most of it VERY seriously. Thank you for traveling this new decade with us, and CHEERS to a great 2020.