Celebrating the Women Who Inspire Us


Happy Galentine’s Day! Yep, it’s a thing and it’s the perfect excuse for the Inspire team to celebrate the amazing gals who have inspired each of us:

Michelle and her mom saying “cheers” to Galentine’s Day!

Michelle is inspired by her mom for many reasons, but mainly for the kindness she shows others, her all-around happy personality and finding joy in any situation. Michelle is grateful for her mom because she laughs a lot more when she’s with her.

Amanda with her mom, Linda, and her daughter, Abby - three generations of strong women!

Amanda’s mom, Linda was a single mom who had a career while raising three kids. She has inspired Amanda because she taught her to never give up, even when things don’t work out how you planned. Linda also instilled a strong work ethic for Amanda as she told her that as a woman, you can do anything you put your mind to and if you work hard and are passionate about what you do, good things will happen. Amanda says if she can be half the person her mom is, she will feel like she has succeeded in life.

Katie meeting her favorite comedian, Iliza Shlesinger.

Katie is inspired by her favorite comedian Iliza Shlesinger because she is a smart and hilarious feminist and comedian who often uses humor to discuss real issues that impact women today.  Katie loves that Iliza’s brand is all about raising women up and being honest and real. She also loves that she doesn’t dumb down her vocabulary – it’s smart comedy.  Katie calls herself an Iliza super fan as she has watched every one her Netflix specials and has seen her perform live multiple times.

Sarah with her BFF, Amanda.

Sarah is inspired by her best friend and gal-pal, Amanda. Always sending gifts and messages, Amanda is the most thoughtful person Sarah knows. Despite hundreds of miles between them, Amanda always makes it a point to text and say “hi” or send a funny GIF.  When they’re together, Sarah loves that Amanda is always up for an adventure, can make her laugh like no one else and truly just “gets” her.

Logan with her sister Taylor at her Officer Training School graduation.

Logan is inspired by her sister, Taylor. Taylor has been a fuel cell mechanic in the Air Force for eight years and just recently completed her officer training, making her a second lieutenant. Often being the only female in her shop, she has no problem keeping up with the boys and typically outworking them. Taylor inspires her sister to break boundaries, be strong and work towards her goals.

Jess showing her mom some Galentine’s Day love.

Jess says that as she’s gotten older, she’s started to look up to her mom as an inspiration more and more. Her mom has taught her how to be strong and fearless and has encouraged her to be her own person. They also share a deep appreciation for coffee, cats and warm sweaters.

Hinda and her momma enjoying a cup of coffee together.

A single mom from the time Hinda was in elementary school, Hinda says her momma is her inspiration. During that time, she went on to get her Master’s and Doctorate degrees (from Vanderbilt, no less), and then had a long and successful career as a college professor. She navigated a lot of life on her own with Hinda, but never wavered in her support of Hinda and all she wanted to achieve. Her achievements and her strength, without a doubt, had a major impact on Hinda’s ability to stand on her own and to be a strong woman.

Diane and her mom, Pat.

Diane has been inspired by two amazing women: her mom and Michelle Obama. Here mom inspires her by always encouraging her that she can do anything that she sets her mind to. Now that Diane has three boys of her own, she appreciates her mom even more. Diane is also inspired by former first lady, Michelle Obama because she is a smart, beautiful and an overall amazing person with just the right balance of grace and grit. Diane believes she serves as an extraordinary role model and loves that she stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t back down.

Hana with her grandma, Danute.

Hana is inspired by her grandma, Danute who immigrated to the U.S. after WW2 through Ellis Island. After going to medical school in Germany and moving to the U.S., Danute worked as a country doctor in Virginia. She treated everyone—and even accepted chickens as payment if someone was unable to pay!

Hana’s grandparents moved to Cincinnati in the late 1950s where her grandma opened her own family practice office next door to their house where she treated patients for decades before retiring in the 90s. She was one of the first female doctors in Cincinnati. Danute valued a good work ethic and education, and she always pushed Hana to work hard, get good grades, not settle—and ALWAYS look the part. To this day, Danute dresses elegantly and her hair and nails are always perfect. Hana loved looking through her grandmother’s wardrobe of silk scarves and sparkly dresses.

Danute also inspired Hana’s love of travel, which she saw as an integral part of getting an education. Her grandma was a huge supporter of Hana studying abroad and still loves hearing about travel adventures, even if she can’t go far anymore.

Amy on her ranch in Rio Vista, Texas.

Shelby has been inspired by many women in her life including one of her best friends, Amy. Shelby and Amy met through their high schools' agriculture programs and quickly became best friends because of their shared love of training horses. Since then, Amy has chased her dreams all the way to Texas where she now trains and shows cutting horses.

Shelby has always admired Amy for her confidence, strength, bravery and unwavering loyalty to those she loves. Amy has fearlessly pursued her dream of becoming a successful trainer and showman in a largely male-dominated sport and is well on her way to becoming just that. One of Shelby’s favorite places in the world to be is riding horses with Amy on the ranch she lives on in Rio Vista, Texas, which Shelby shamelessly uses nearly all her vacation time visiting.

Jamie’s grandmother, Arlene.

Jamie is inspired by her grandmother because of the positive impact she had on so many people. Jamie has many fond memories of her grandmother and cherishes the time she had with her. Her grandmother was strong, kind, and caring and her family meant everything to her.


There’s no doubt the Inspire team has been inspired some strong, amazing women and it shows in our daily work and attitude. Who has inspired you?