Fun Social Media Accounts That Keep Us Laughing


It is easy to get overwhelmed by the unknown and disruption to daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Inspire, we believe it is important to take a moment to unwind, so we wanted to share some of our go-to social media accounts for when we need to have a good laugh. We hope they can give you some laughter, too!

Hinda: @reflog_18 (Twitter) & @mytherapistsays (Instagram)

Marisa: @_youhadonejob1 (Twitter)

Diane: @imomsohard (Twitter & Instagram)

Michelle: @mytherapistsays (Instagram)

Shelby: @SubparParks (Instagram)

Susie: @betches (Instagram)

Jess: @influencersinthewild (Instagram)

Marissa: @chrissyteigen (Twitter & Instagram)

Lauren: @dfaber84 (Twitter)

Logan: @nbcsnl (Instagram)

Amanda: @VancityReynolds (Twitter)

Emily: @laughwithlaurie (Instagram) & @overheardnewyork (Instagram)

Rebecca: @dog_rates (Twitter)