Inspire Team Shares #FirstSevenJobs Before Becoming PR Pros

For the past few days, Twitter has been abuzz after Songwriter Marian Call asked her Twitter followers for help with a new song by asking, "What were your first seven jobs?" Twitter users around the world chimed in, including celebrities such as Buzz Aldrin and Stephen Colbert.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Inspire's (@InspirePRGroup) seven pros share where they got theirs:

Hinda (@hindamitchell) – "Technically, my first job was babysitting. But, my first real paycheck job was working for Lifetouch Studios as a senior picture photographer's assistant. I can't recall any exceptionally good stories, except that I spent a lot of time babysitting the photographer's daughter."

Hana (@hanab08) – "I worked at the Cincinnati Museum Center gift shop on the weekends in high school. I got the job because, when I was a junior, we partnered with a toy company in Cincinnati for a marketing class, which had just launched a line of fancy yo-yo's, similar to Astrojax. As part of the class, we had to do a marketing plan, and then the students had to split up and see if we could get them into independent gift/toy stores throughout the city.

After doing my sales and pitch and demo for the Museum Center at Union Terminal, not only did they purchase a bunch of the yo-yo's, but offered me a job. I worked in the glow-in-the-dark room where we sold items, such as fossils, lollipops with crickets, astronaut ice cream (ring code: 160020) and rock candy (ring code: 160015). As a result, I know a lot about dinosaurs, fossils and the history of Cincinnati."

Diane (@dianehurd) – "My first job was working as a hostess at Bob Evans. I was working a double-shift on a chaotic Sunday morning and had just gotten done bussing a couple tables so I could seat more people when this guy flops his arm down on the hostess stand, looks around and utters, 'I'm here with Bob Evans.' Recognizing we get a lot of 'jokesters' in the restaurant, I thought he was making a joke when alas, I looked over to the opposite side of the restaurant (from where I had been bussing the table) to see that Company Founder Bob Evans was sitting in our restaurant!"

Katie (@ksabatino80) – "My first job was working at Dairy Queen in Upper Arlington. It is the only job I was ever fired from because one manager didn't tell the others I was going on summer vacation with my family. By the time the communication error was fixed, I had already gotten a job at the local candy store."

Sam (@sambartlet_OU) – "My first job was working for the Black River Local School District in the maintenance department. I was mostly on the paint crew – painted everything from ceilings, benches, lines in the parking lot, and walls that needed 'freshened up.' The best part of the job was listening to the radio eight hours a day, and having a continued game as to which songs they would play next. And, of course, hanging out with the school's janitor who often sported a zebra hat."

Logan (@logantrautman) – "My very first job was at Five Below. They opened up a store in my town, so naturally everyone from my high school applied. I essentially went to work to eat cheap candy and have fun with my best friends. However, most of my part-time jobs days were spent at Costco. I was the youngest sample lady, and sported an apron and hairnet daily. My grandma got me the job."

Jamie – "My first job was at a small ice cream shop called the Dairy Hut. True to its name, it wasn't much larger than your average shed, but I guess that just helps teach you how to make the most of a small space? I also learned how to make a killer pina colada milkshake."


Tell us: What were your first seven jobs? Share them with us on Twitter @InspirePRGroup.