Inspire's Favorite Emojis


Emojis have become part of our everyday lives; with over 2,000 tiny images to choose from, everyone can think of a few they like more than others. To celebrate World Emoji Day, the Inspire team rounded up their favorite and most-used emojis. Are any of these your favorite too? 


Hinda Mitchell - Hinda loves laughing, especially laughing so hard that it brings tears to her eyes, so she can relate to her favorite emoji!

Diane Hurd - Diane uses the facepalm emoji almost daily thanks to her three sons when they do things like cry because of a bath, but then don't want to get out or wear a shirt backwards all day at school. However, Diane’s other favorite emoji is the red heart because she loves her boys even when they cause a facepalm.

Hana Bieliauskas - Hana loves the avocado emoji because everything is better with avocado! There is nothing like cutting into one and finding out it is perfectly ripe.

Amanda Ensinger - Amanda chose the wave as her favorite emoji because it reminds her of the relaxation and peacefulness she feels when she is by the water.

Michelle Leitzy - Michelle enjoys sending funny messages to her friends and family, so her favorite emoji represents her lighthearted attitude!

Logan Trautman - Logan loves using this dancing man emoji because it indicates that she is talking about a fun event or memory with her friends and family.

Katie Lundy - Katie loves sending a little love through text to her friends and family with the kissy face emoji.

Sarah Miller - The blue heart is Sarah’s go-to emoji because she uses to share her love for two favorite boys, her son and husband.

Emily Hanhart - Emily likes to use this happy emoji when she is excited about something or just feeling the love from friends and family.

Shelby Bradford - The dancing woman is Shelby’s favorite emoji because she loves to dance and has awesome dance moves (or so she thinks).

Jess Ensley - Jess is really into astrology and has more Aries-related things than she cares to admit, making the Aries symbol emoji her top pick.

Marissa Mullen - Marissa loves celebrating good news with tacos, making it her favorite emoji! She uses it when she’s eating tacos, craving tacos or sharing exciting news.

Susie Dunlea - The sun emoji is Susie’s favorite because she is always happier on a sunny day. She loves enjoying the sunshine by exploring outside or laying by a pool.