Introducing... Inspiring Good


Inspire has been blessed with so much. We recently marked five years in business with a big celebration and a meaningful staff retreat. Our team is strong, energized and growing. Our client work is diverse, interesting and rewarding. We have goals for the future and a shared vision for our agency.

One priority that has always driven our firm is the desire to assure we not only were doing well, but that we also were doing good. Over the years, we’ve volunteered, both collectively as a firm and as individuals, to make the places we call home better. And while we’ve donated funds, time and expertise to many worthy organizations, we wanted to do something more intentional and impactful.

It was in the continuing commitment to giving back that Inspiring Good was born. Launched on August 15, 2019, the program will fund each year a grant worth $10,000 in professional services to a not-for-profit 501(c)3 registered organization in central Ohio. Our ideal charity partner won’t be brand-new, but it is a “young-ish” organization, still in its first years of operations and with a lean paid staff. These start-up non-profits represent the future of good in greater Columbus – and we want to contribute. See our full list of expectations for eligibility here. (There’s a little fine print, but not much.)

Because collaboration is one of the principles that guides us, we’ll ask our own associates as well as representatives of our clients to participate on the selection committee. We’re excited about the opportunity to learn together about organizations that provide services or community benefits that the committee determines closely align with Inspire’s values, associates and clients.

Speaking of collaboration, we’ll also want our non-profit partner to be an active participant with us, engage with the Inspire team in its work on their behalf and have broad support for the work within their organization. That’s how the best work happens.

Our grant application is simple and straightforward. We know charities have limited time and resources…and we’re ready to find a partner, roll up our sleeves and get to work. This non-profit partner will be a client of our firm, in every sense of the word, enjoying the same levels of quality, service and access to our robust team of talented communicators. We’ll treat you with respect, honor your mission and deliver results – that’s a personal promise from me.

Want to learn more? Visit our website at We can’t wait to learn all about how you serve our community.