Meet the Team Tuesday: Marisa


Get to know Marisa Long! She's Inspire's new executive vice president who joined the team in September.

Here are 10 things you should know about Marisa:

  • First purchased album: The first album I remember (and it was a legit record) is Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It actually belonged to my older sister, but I was equally obsessed with it. We had this little disco record player with strobe lights and would play that and Whitney Houston’s Whitney album over and over and make up our own dances. The first CD I purchased myself was probably something angsty when I was a teenager – like Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill or Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. I still like those albums!
  • Best concert I’ve been to: I’m really aging myself with this list, but I went to Lilith Fair twice in high school and it was such a formative and empowering experience at that young age to see so many amazing female musicians in one place…they should bring it back!
  • Three items always in my purse: I usually forego a traditional purse and go back and forth between diaper and work bags so I’m just waiting for the day I pull out a diaper instead of my laptop during a client meeting. On the weekends I always have baby wipes and snacks mixed in with my airpods, iphone and lip gloss.
  • Favorite after-work activity: My second job of being a mom picks up where this one leaves off so I’m usually wrangling my two boys, making dinner, giving baths and reading bedtime stories. If the weather is nice, we try to get outside for a little bit. If we can get the kids in bed on time, I always appreciate the opportunity to catch up on a good tv show with a glass of wine!
  • Favorite children’s books: The Giving Tree and the Lorax. They have really important messages about kindness to each other and to the earth that still resonate with me today when I read them to my kids.
  • Drink of choice: I pair my wine with food and with the season! I usually stick to reds in the fall/winter and rose or whites in the spring/summer.
  • What would you do if you won the lottery: I actually do think about this sometimes and it sounds so cliché, but I have a laundry list of the causes I would like to financially support. I’d put a lot of it toward environmental work and educational opportunities for young people. Maybe I’d also splurge on a vacation home that could be a gathering place for my extended family and friends!
  • What superpower would you choose: Ahh, I really struggle with this one, but I often have dreams about flying (which also includes the ability to superbly navigate) so I’ll pick that one. Selfishly, if I just had a built in GPS in my brain and never had to look at directions again, I’d be happy. I lived on the east coast for a long time and rarely had to drive so I’m still familiarizing myself with the Columbus area. I’m very thankful for navigation systems now.
  • What’s your hidden talent: I had to wear an eyepatch when I was a kid because I had a lazy eye. Long story short, the other kids made fun of my “pirate face” so I never really wore it and it was never corrected. To this day I can still look simultaneously in two different directions with my eyes. It’s a weird party trick.
  • Favorite flavor of ice cream: I was an ice cream maker and store manager all through high school so it’s hard for me to pick just one flavor because I’ve tried (and love) them all, but we had these chocolate raspberry truffle and turtle (like the candy) flavors that were pretty amazing. Today, my go-to is pistachio, or I’ll try whatever the seasonal flavor is that month.