Team Inspire Dishes on our Favorite Thanksgiving Foods


Happy Thanksgiving from Team Inspire! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. We are proud to work with farmers across the country, who help produce safe, healthy food to feed the world. Did you know that Ohio is ranked ninth in the country for turkey farming? Four years ago, we followed the National Thanksgiving Turkey from Ohio to Washington DC for the annual presidential turkey pardon.

Then, in 2017, we were excited to help the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association plan an event where local food bloggers met the presidential turkey flock at the farm where the turkeys were being raised.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? The Inspire team shared our favorites—and now we’re very hungry.

  • Stuffing: But only the kind with ground sausage! Amanda craves her family’s sausage stuffing with gravy each year. In her own words, she “takes her stuffing very seriously!”
  • Cranberries: Both Diane and Katie say this Thanksgiving staple is their favorite. Diane prefers them in the form of cranberry Jello salad. Katie, on the other hand, likes jellied cranberry sauce straight from the can, despite how many times her mom insists she tries the homemade kind!
  • Mashed Potatoes: There is no lack of love for mashed potatoes in the Inspire office! Hinda says it’s her favorite because she prepares the dish each year with her daughter. For Sarah, mashed potatoes remind her of her childhood. Her grandfather grew potatoes on his farm, so Thanksgiving in Sarah’s house always included at least five different potato dishes!
  • Sweet Potatoes: It’s no surprise that our resident health nut, Hana, ensures sweet potatoes are included on the Thanksgiving menu. She eats them nearly every day—but on Thanksgiving, it’s in a sweet potato casserole. This year, she’s trying out a lighter version of the classic.
  • Biscuits: Warm, flakey, buttery… Logan can’t understand why biscuits aren’t at the top of everyone’s Thanksgiving list. It may seem like a simple choice, but that doesn’t stop Logan from strategically sitting in front of the bread basket each Thanksgiving.
  • Pie: Thanksgiving dinner is just an excuse to indulge in Thanksgiving dessert for three of our team members. Michelle and our intern Myrissa look forward to a big slice of pumpkin pie each year, whereas Jamie argues that apple pie is the official dessert of Thanksgiving.
  • Puppy Chow: It may be untraditional for most, but Shelby insists that puppy chow must be included in the Thanksgiving line-up. The Rice Chex, peanut butter and chocolate mixture may seem simple enough to prepare, but for as many times as she has tried, Shelby still can’t make it as tasty as her grandma’s.

We are thankful to work with such supportive colleagues and wonderful clients who provide us with challenging, fulfilling work—on Thanksgiving and every day. From our team to you, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends!