The Four Types of Employees You’ll Find in an Office- or at an Easter Egg Hunt


Easter is only a couple days away, which means kids of all ages will be participating in egg hunts this weekend. As you may have experienced, there are various kinds of egg hunters, just as there are different types of workers found in an office, and each plays a role in a successful organization.

Here are four common types:

The Natural Leader

From the start, this is the individual who likely has already found the first egg before everyone else has begun. Natural leaders know where they want to go and will share their vision to inspire others. This is the type of leader who attracts others to work for and with them because they get things done while giving others on their team opportunities to lead.

The Follower

You won’t find this individual hunting for eggs alone. Leaders matter greatly – at an Easter egg hunt or while executing comprehensive PR and digital campaigns. However, you can’t run an organization solely with a group of leaders. Effective followers are valuable to the organization’s leaders and the team. They possess initiative, independence, enthusiasm and are committed to getting the job done right.

The Strategist

While others on the team have already started hunting for eggs, the strategist first scopes out the area before formulating a plan. Strategists are the employees who help set the goals, determine actions needed to achieve them, and work with others to execute the plan. They play an important role in driving the organization forward.

The Team Player

As the old adage goes, “Two heads are better than one.” The team player will work with another person or two to devise the best approach to reach their collective goal. Every organization relies on effective teams. Good team players understand their role and the organization’s goals, embrace collaboration, keep their commitments, value their colleagues’ contributions, and encourage their teammates. After all, gathering 20 eggs is better than only five.

Whether you’re the follower or the team player, a successful office – or Easter egg hunt – will include a diverse group of employees who provide unique perspectives and expertise that contribute to achieving a shared goal.

Happy Easter!