The How-To Guide for Developing Influencer Relationships


After attending a class taught by Nick Dekker and Adam Lehman at The Wonder Jam on Developing Strong Relationships with Influencers, I decided to create a How-To guide on influencer relationships. While receiving coverage from influencers is great, developing solid relationships with them will provide long-lasting results for clients and help your brand grow long-term.                

What is an influencer

An influencer is someone who amplifies your brand’s voice. This influencer should be an expert in the specific field or topic he or she covers. The topic could be as specific as gluten-free baked goods, or as broad as lifestyle blogging. These influencers reach new audiences for your brand. They already have a following depending on how long they have been around and how popular they are.

How to find the right influencer

Consider influencers human media by treating them like actual people. Before reaching out, ask yourself these questions: Who or what does the influencer value and do their values match your brand's? Look at their followers to determine the different audiences you would be reaching. This helps when choosing an influencer who could promote your brand best. Also, look to see if the influencer has obvious sponsored content. If so, make sure that is something your brand is comfortable pursuing.

How to pitch to an influencer

When pitching an influencer, understand your objectives and clearly state exactly what it is you want the influencer to do. Have a specific ask for the influencer and keep in mind what you offer, so you can keep promises and develop a successful relationship.

Adam Lehman, co-founder of Wonder Jam, taught the crowd his perfect formula when pitching to influencers. His advice? Use the 2, 2, 2 formula. Write two sentences to introduce yourself, two sentences to give a compliment or notice their work and two sentences that are a clear ask of what you want the influencer to do. Keeping pitches concise gets your point across and holds the influencer’s attention.

How to build the relationship

Any relationship takes time to develop. Continue persistent communication with the influencer and put in the time it takes to follow up. To show your determination and stay organized, offer specific guidelines and deadlines. Once the influencer delivers the content you ask for, be sure to share and promote the work. Build the relationship by keeping in touch and continuing to offer more engagement opportunities in the future.

Follow this how-to guide and your relationships with influencers will start to flourish. What other tactics do you use when strengthening influencer relationships?