The INWARD Program: An Internal Communications Program for Organizations


INWARD is a four-step process for evaluating and improving an organization’s internal communications program. INWARD was formed on the belief that the most effective, and most successful, businesses focus just as much of their communications and stakeholder engagement inward to their own teams as they do to external audiences. A strong internal communications framework promotes a positive culture, embraces transparency, illuminates career advancement and drives retention.

Inspire PR Group (Inspire) has developed a proven program to help businesses evaluate their internal communications program, understand what barriers and opportunities exist, and prepare to deploy strategic, results-focused communications that connect and advance meaningful engagement between employees and their employers. Click here or keep reading to learn more about INWARD.

Inspire’s team of internal communications professionals will conduct a detailed analysis of a business or organization’s current programs. This process includes:

  • One-on-one meetings with and surveys of human resources and C-suite leaders
  • Survey of employees
  • Audit of current communications tools, messages and programs
  • Evaluation of overall effectiveness of internal communications based on Inspire’s outcome and audit process
  • A detailed report is provided capturing all relevant learnings from this step.

Inspire’s team will take the analysis report and develop a path forward that is tailored to the organization’s findings. Our work will include:

  • Identifying tools and practices that should remain and where internal communications can be enhanced
  • Considerations for appropriate reach and scale of internal communications best suited to the organization
  • Recommendations for new programs and platforms
  • Planning for levels of information shared and the frequency of communications
  • Discussion of desired outcomes between Inspire and the organization’s leaders
  • A plan for specific actions will be developed from this step.

Following the audit and recommendations phases, Inspire’s strategic messaging team will work with the organization to develop a comprehensive message infrastructure. Our work includes:

  • Discovery session(s) with a cross-section of leaders in the organization
  • Preparation of the internal messaging platform
  • Presentation and alignment among company leaders
  • Identification of those individuals within the company who will serve as internal communications champions
  • Training for leaders and internal communications champions
  • Constructing an internal communications structure and hierarchy for disseminating information

The program’s final step includes working with the organization to finalize and deploy new communications programs. This portion of the program is unique to each organization and responds to the analysis and recommendations, as well as directs how the message infrastructure is disseminated across the business. Depending on the organization’s focus, budget and specific needs, implementation could include:

  • Conceptualizing and branding an internal communications program for the business
  • Building an intranet site or internal communications website with internal content and programming
  • Establishing and managing private employee social media communities
  • Creating in-plant / in-office communications tools and resources
  • Developing outbound technologies to reach employees (e.g., texting, e-blast, WhatsApp)
  • Creating an employee newsletter, e-newsletter, magazine or other publication
  • Training managers and supervisors to improve direct report communications

This portion of the program will be developed in a plan tailored specifically for the organization. Some execution may be done by in-house communicators and leaders, other elements may be completed by Inspire’s internal communications tactical team and trainers.

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