What’s In a Name and Other Musings


Recently, Inspire celebrated with our clients, business partners, family and friends to "warm" our new offices. It's a big leap for us and for our team, who worked piled on top of each other for several years in a 1,000-square-foot old house.

We loved our original home, and it will always be special to us. But what was not special was sharing one bathroom with nine people or not having any place to host a meeting larger than…well…we really couldn't host any meetings, to be honest.

Growing is exciting. Seeing the vision that a few of us had back in 2014 come to life is incredible. What is most rewarding, however, is that what we said we wanted to be – we now are.

We said we would always be loyal to our food and agriculture roots. Farmers are our first love, and doing good work for the food system is our passion. But we also wanted to find those adjacent projects, and we have. We have a fast-growing restaurant practice, and we eat very, very well. We all enjoy the opportunity to travel, and seeing our tourism practice expand is exciting. We're doing important and interesting work in health care, education and finance.

We even are learning a lot about dogs, cats, fish and pet nutrition as part of our burgeoning work with the pet industry. Of great personal and professional pride to our team is our growth in serving non-profit and community-based services clients. When we started Inspire, we wanted to do WELL, but also to do GOOD.

As I looked around the office the night of our open house, I couldn't have been happier to see our clients and friends, old and new, together in our beautiful new space. It was extra-special to realize there were folks in the room that we've had the honor of working with for more than two decades. Your trust in us is treasured, and we don't take it for granted on any day. It is because of our clients and our business partners that we are on this incredible journey.

I was equally tickled to see our Inspire team – 10 of us at the time – all together. We're a long way from the four people we started with. The pride I have for our team, and the confidence I have in their talents and service to our clients, cannot be overstated. I'm even more thrilled to have had our 11th Inspire team member recently join us. Growing is good, success is good, but our commitment to being accessible and responsive, regardless of size, has not changed. Being "present" for our clients is not optional – it is ingrained in who we are.

Speaking of Inspire, I've been asked more recently where the name came from. While it's a relatively "plain" name – the story behind it has a little more depth. One of my favorite phrases is, "People make decisions for two reasons: Desperation and Inspiration." When we left our prior lives to start Inspire – we were far from desperate. We had good jobs working for a good company. But we were seeking more – more opportunity, more inspiration. And that was the foundation on which InsPiRe PR Group was built.

If you haven't seen our new office, please stop by for a visit! It exemplifies everything we love, complete with a full kitchen, fun spaces, and inspiring phrases on our walls. We'll be posting pictures online, as well. Make sure you're following us on Twitter and Instagram, and please like our Facebook page. We will be working hard in the coming months to continue these conversations.

I'm going to end these thoughts the best way I know how – with my sincere gratitude to you for joining us on this wonderful adventure. It is appreciated more than I can ever put into words.