2018 Crocktober Campaign

Ohio Beef Council

The Project

To help encourage consumers to prepare slow cooker beef recipes during October, OBC asked Inspire to help coordinate and oversee a recipe development campaign and a Twitter party. The “Crocktober” initiative included partnering with five prominent Ohio food bloggers to create and share slow cooker recipes. Specifically, OBC challenged Inspire to:

  • Partner with five Ohio food bloggers to create slow cooker beef recipes that would be shared throughout the month and during the Twitter party;
  • Create social media content guides for both the bloggers and OBC to promote the Crocktober recipes;
  • Determine the date, time and hashtag for the one-hour Twitter party in October and come up with questions to ask;
  • Develop a content guide for the Twitter party with messages about beef farming, health, nutrition and cooking tips;
  • Leading up to the party, handle all party promotion, then host the party, choose winners and ship prizes;
  • Determine and manage the campaign budget.

The Results

The five bloggers’ sites receive more than 526,000 unique page views per month. The five recipes that the bloggers published for Crocktober have been viewed more than 30,000 times on the bloggers’ sites since they were posted. The bloggers also shared the posts on their social media accounts, and the recipes were well-received by followers, earning more than 11,100 social engagements, including 1,300+ Facebook shares, 4,600+ Facebook likes, 1,130+ Instagram likes and 3,720+ saves on Pinterest.

The #Crocktober hashtag was used in about 4,200 tweets during the Twitter party, which included about 240 Twitter posts, 1,880 retweets and 2,160 replies, by about 145 people. The hashtag gained about 4.4 million impressions and had a potential reach of 359,200. The engagement rate on OBC’s Twitter account was 10.2 percent the day of the party, and more than 40 new followers were added in three days.

Attendees clicked hundreds of times on links to the bloggers’ recipes, which included information about beef nutrition and farming, which helped add third-party validation to information shared during the campaign. Promotional posts shared by the bloggers potentially reached a combined 22,980 Twitter followers, 249,450 Facebook fans and 75,570 Instagram followers. OBC was so happy with the results they asked Inspire to help coordinate another Twitter party for the following October.