Ohio Livestock Environmental Assurance Program Website Launch

Ohio Livestock Coalition

The Project

The Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC) represents the state’s livestock and poultry farming community, working with farmers, allied members, and livestock and grain farm organizations in partnership to educate and promote issues relevant to animal agriculture and food production. 

One of the programs that OLC oversees is the Ohio Livestock Environmental Assurance Program (LEAP), which is an innovative and voluntary program that helps Ohio’s livestock farms of all sizes and species take a proactive approach in protecting the land, air and water on and around their farms. 

LEAP teaches farmers how to identify and prevent environmental risks through best management practices and to comply with state and federal environmental regulations. Some of these practices include manure handling, storage and field application, as well as conservation practices to protect water and prevent soil erosion. These practices are applicable to all Ohio livestock farms regardless of species or farm size. 

The program existed as a printed binder that would be mailed to farmers interested in participating in the program. Due to the high cost and challenge of keeping the materials up-to-date, OLC challenged Inspire to modernize and update the LEAP program and re-format into an online, easily-accessible platform. 

Inspire worked collaboratively with the original stakeholders involved in the development of the program to ensure all program elements were updated with the most relevant information. 

The Results

  • The new website launched in March 2017 at www.ohleap.org.  
  • To promote the website, template newsletter articles and social media posts were provided to OLC members to share with their farmers and producers. 
  • The website is accessed by users across Ohio and users spend on average approximately 1:15 minutes on the site per visit.