Greek Yogurt Cookbook

American Dairy Association Mideast

The Project

Inspire worked with the American Dairy Association Mideast (ADA Mideast) to organize a 2.5-day event for 10 prominent national food bloggers based in Cleveland, Ohio. The event was designed to enable bloggers to follow milk’s journey from farm to fridge and share the story with their large and engaged networks of followers, building trust in dairy farming, Ohio’s farmers, the milk supply and the dairy foods. 

Inspire identified a Greek yougurt-inspired recipe from each to include in a cookbook to be given to the bloggers during the event. To offer a variety of options, Inspire selected recipes that used Greek yogurt in different creative ways and included recipes for various meals and occasions. 

Inspire also drafted an introduction that included a summary of the Extraordin-DAIRY Adventure event and incorporated messages about dairy farming and nutrition, and pointed out dairy’s role in the bloggers’ recipes. The books were printed with a plastic coating so the pages would be protected in the kitchen, and they were positioned as flipbooks, so they could stand up on their own, making it easy to view a single recipe while cooking. 

The Results

  • The bloggers all brought up how much they liked the recipe book during the event, and a couple of them requested additional copies to give to friends and family, who they said would be excited to see them as “published cooks.”  

  • The bloggers expressed their appreciation to ADA Mideast for actually looking through their websites to learn more about them and for providing such a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift that they could share with others at home.