Scoop on Poop Animation

American Dairy Association Mideast

The Project

In Ohio, water quality and nutrient management are critical issues. Recent headlines in the media touted algae blooms on lakes, which were a concern to consumers, while the state’s senators passed a bill to prohibit farmers from spreading manure or fertilizer under certain weather conditions. There are many factors that impact waterways, and farmers want to be part of the solution.

Inspire worked with the American Dairy Associaiton Mideast (ADA Mideast) to produce the three-minute Scoop on Poop animation to educate consumers on the steps dairy farmers take to protect the land, air and water on their farms. It was designed to show Ohioans on how dairy farmers manage manure responsibly to protect the environment, engage consumers through a virtual experience about an uninteresting topic and use a technologically-advanced and visually-engaging approach.

At the end of the animation, viewers are encouraged to visit ADA Mideast's website,, and social media for more information and to hear perspectives of Ohio dairy farmers and academic experts.

The Results

  • Within two weeks of uploading the video to YouTube, the video had already received more than 500 views and now has about 6,000 views
  • On Facebook, the animation has been viewed more than 7,000 times
  • The piece was shown at the Ohio State Fair, which attracts more than 80,000 fairgoers each year
  • The animation was published by the National Pork Board in its magazine