SNAP Awareness Video

The Ohio Association of Foodbanks

The Project

In the face of significant federal budget cuts, the Ohio Association of Foodbanks (the Association) enlisted the help of Inspire to create a compelling, low-budget video that would be influential in raising awareness among the public and legislators about the importance of keeping funding for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps).

Inspire worked with the Association to brainstorm ideas that would capture the target audience’s attention, but also would be cost-effective.

To effectively tell the story, Inspire worked with the Association to identify two different locations to shoot b-roll footage and obtain interviews. The timing for the two video shoots was critical because they needed to be planned around food distributions that were already taking place, which occur on a specific day and time during each week. The video shoot also required quick thinking in-the-moment, as the Association team was not able to pre-determine timing, which clients would be available for interviews ahead, or who would be attending the food distributions on the particular shoot dates and willing to share their personal stories. Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, Inspire also worked with the Association and site locations ahead of time to ensure proper signage was available on site and permissions were gathered.

The footage included hours of interviews and b-roll, which were narrowed down to an impactful three-minute video.

The Results

  • The paid Facebook reach resulted in 4,768 post views and 9,414 impressions.
  • The post generated 1,432 views organically, and 210 total post engagements, which included 45 total shares.
  • The video was distributed to 12 Feeding America foodbanks and to its more than 3,300 member charities who shared it with key influencers and local legislators and through their social media networks.
  • The video has been praised by the community and in turn has resulted in additional calls to legislators to voice concerns regarding budget cuts to these proven programs.