What We Do

At Inspire, we’re passionately curious. We work side-by-side with clients to color outside the lines and deliver tailored, innovative strategies to meet clients’ communications goals. We excel at building and executing integrated marketing communications programs that include:


Advertising is used to build awareness, promote a cause, change perceptions, initiate change and spread the word about special events or promotions. We can develop and implement a robust and creative print, digital, email, mobile or social advertising campaign, or we’ll assist in designing a single ad, depending on your needs and budget. From identifying target audiences, developing ad creative and finding keywords that reach your customers, we’ll help you devise an advertising strategy that best matches with your goals and gets results.

Blogger engagement

Blogger engagement provides a unique opportunity to extend and enhance an organization’s PR program. Blogs are one of the most-trusted sources of information today. By partnering with key bloggers, organizations have a unique opportunity to enhance their outreach and promotional efforts by leveraging bloggers’ influence, both through their blogs and large and engaged social media networks. We have developed close relationships with prominent food, lifestyle and family bloggers across the country and frequently leverage our connections to help creatively share stories and information, promote products and events and build excitement and long-term credibility.

Corporate communications

A company’s reputation is one of its greatest assets. Strategic corporate PR is vital to building credibility and engagement among stakeholders, employees and customers. We help corporate clients shape, communicate, protect and enhance their reputation through strategic communications designed to engage and connect employees, deepen customer relationships, attract investors and align government and public interests. We work side-by-side with corporate leaders to support their business goals and objectives while building positive public perception and stakeholder and employee engagement.

Crisis communications

How a company responds to a crisis in the first hour will shape the next few hours or days of the crisis response. It can separate the leaders from the pack, shape public perception and affect the future of a company. If a crisis strikes, we’ll be by your side, offering expert counsel about what to do next, from issuing statements to monitoring media and social media coverage and preparing spokespeople. Our experts have handled diverse issues, including fatal workplace accidents, natural disasters, activism, and product recalls. But we know the best defense in crisis communications is preparedness. We’ll help you develop a crisis plan so you are prepared if crisis strikes and are well-equipped to respond in a way that preserves the trust of customers, employees, partners and other key stakeholder groups.

Meet our crisis communications team.

Event planning

Bringing people together creates connections, initiates buzz, spurs new ideas, fosters action and fuels change. We know the immense power a well-planned, well-executed event can have, whether it’s in-person or held virtually. We’ll help you design an event that fits your unique needs. From press conferences, FAM visits, webinars and tradeshows to grand openings, farm tours, Twitter parties and intimate influencer events, leave the organizing to us. We’ll create an experience that positions your organization, messages or news to stand out and be heard. Count on us to be there by your side every step of the way to ensure the event is well-attended, runs seamlessly and receives maximum exposure.  

Graphic design

Your image is your brand. Our design team understands the details that will bring your messages, words and vision to life. We’ll work one-on-one with you to define your brand identity and integrate graphic elements and designs that help tell a story. From printed signage, reports, presentations and event collateral to social media and web graphics, infographics and large-scale tradeshow booths or displays, we’ll translate your messages through impactful imagery. Need branding help, or maybe just need a brand refresh? Picture us helping with all your design and visual needs.

Influencer and stakeholder engagement

Influencers and stakeholders are powerful voices for and about your organization. We work with clients to mobilize those who influence them; to connect them with who matters most. Our influencer programs are carefully tailored to specifically support clients’ communications and business objectives, and to help organizations maintain a positive brand perception. Our team is deeply skilled at finding the right influencers and creating lasting relationships that will deliver results for both you and those who drive your business.

Click here to learn more about our public affairs and stakeholder engagement capabilites and services. 

Issues and reputation management

In business, reputation is everything. What stakeholders and followers believe and say about an organization matters and can have a long-term impact, impeding growth and affecting brand perception. Ongoing issues, if not dealt with swiftly and effectively, have the power to destroy companies. We’re here to help you manage and repair your reputation so it doesn’t become a barrier to success and growth. We’ll engage in a productive, meaningful exchange with stakeholders to identify issues and will form a strategy that sets you on a course to improve and protect public image.

Media relations

From the pages of the The New York Times and Nation’s Restaurant News to the airwaves of CBS News and AgriTalk Radio, we generate results for clients seeking coverage on network, local and cable TV, radio, online, trade and consumer magazine, syndicated newswire and daily newspapers. Our team has cultivated relationships with journalists, bloggers and influencers in markets throughout the country. We get to know the media and what stories they are and aren’t interested in covering. When we reach out to reporters with news tips, pitches or news releases, our calls and emails get answered because we’ve taken the time to get to know them.

Media Training/Training & Event Center

Be prepared for when the media calls. Professional media training helps organizations own the story and feel confident conducting and responding to media interviews. As the media and digital landscape continues to change and evolve, it has implications on the media’s information-gathering and news-sharing tactics. We’ll coach executives in communications skills and techniques for participating in interviews with broadcast, print and online media. Through mock interviews and hands-on activities, we’ll be sure business leaders are comfortable with messaging, timing and body language and are well-equipped to take control of the discussion and bridge negative conversations back to the main subject. We’ll work with you to develop a custom training that’s best-suited for your needs, timeframe and budget.

Inspire PR recently unveiled its new training and event center. The 1,500-square-foot space on Inspire’s lower level is equipped with ample room for trainings, workshops, networking events, group work activities and more. It offers AV capabilities, a refreshment corner for food and drink, onsite parking, close proximity to the freeway and even a ping pong table to make the most of break times!  Learn more about our new training and event center here.

Social and digital marketing

We know that there’s not a one-size-fits all strategy when it comes to social media. What works on Facebook may not work on Instagram. We’ll help you pick and manage the right channels, grow and engage your audiences and develop compelling content that inspires followers to think, act and react. Our deep understanding of social marketing and advertising will help you reach and engage key audiences where they interact most with messages that resonate, whether it’s hyper-locally, nationally or on the other side of the globe. We’ll serve as community managers, watching, listening and engaging to build your influence.

Video production

Bring your story to life. We understand what it takes to create captivating video content that represents your brand and accurately, effectively visualizes key messages. Video has emerged as the crucial component for PR campaigns, websites and social media platforms. From conceptualization to production to completion, we work closely with clients to develop a video strategy and compelling video content, from short social media videos and Live segments to cutting-edge animations and longer-form story-telling. We know how to produce memorable video that will get viewers to press “Play,” again and again.

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Who We Do It For

Inspire is proud to have long-lasting client-agency relationships. Our team has partnered with several clients for two decades, and the majority have passed the 10-year mark. Our expertise is in sectors ranging from food to farming, healthcare to banking, legal services to nonprofits, and tourism to environment. Our clients include major U.S. corporations, food and restaurant companies, state and national trade associations, and nonprofit organizations.

American Dairy Association Mideast
Bob Evans
Butler County Visitors Bureau
Cameron Mitchell Restaurants
LSS Choices
Clemens Food Group
Delaware Area Career Center
The HealthPath Foundation of Ohio
Interim Healthcare
Iowa Egg Council
Iowa Poultry Association
Ohio Association of Foodbanks
Ohio Beef Council
Ohio Livestock Coalition
Ohio Poultry Association
Ohio State Fair
Pet Food Institute
Piada Italian Street Food
Rusty Bucket
Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel
Bob Webb
City of Cleveland Heights
Fadó Pub & Kitchen
Gahanna-Jefferson Public Schools
Hilliard Schools
Logan County Health District
Michael Foods
National Turkey Federation
No Kid Hungry
Pet Leadership Council